Undergraduate Studies

I teach undergraduate students in the History program at the University of Toronto, Mississauga (UTM). I usually teach HIS 272H, US History, 1877-Present. In addition, I run the the History full-year internship program, HIS 498Y. Students in this program are placed at area cultural institutions and work 150 hours for course credit. Recent placements have been at the Canadian Arab Institute; Heritage Toronto; Heritage Mississauga; the Oakville Museum; Peel Art Gallery, McDermid Literary Agency; Museum and Archives (PAMA); the Royal Ontario Museum; the Ward Museum and others.

In Spring 2018, I taught a course on "Queer and Trans Oral History" at the St. George campus (UTSG) that was cross-listed between the graduate programs in History and Women and Gender Studies, and the undergraduate program in Sexual Diversity Studies.