Elspeth Brown,

Historian: markets, visual culture, gender, sexuality

Toronto Photography Seminar

As a group, we research themes in common and publish scholarship individually and as a group. We have collaborated on a guest issue on “circulation” for the History of Photography journal (guest editors, Thy Phu and Matthew Brower, summer 2008), and on a guest issue on “Affecting Photographies” for Photography and Culture (guest editors, Thy Phu and Linda Steer, October 2010). We produced an international conference entitled "Feeling Photography" in 2009 (forthcoming as a book from Duke University Press, with Elspeth Brown and Thy Phu, eds.) Our work has been funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (International Opportunities Fund; Aid to Conferences and Workshops; and most recently, Partnership Development Grant, 2011-2014) and York University (faculty development grant). Our group also workshops the papers of colleagues from other universities, who also present a second aspect of their work in a public forum. For more information on the Photography Seminar, please visit our new website!

For more information, please contact: info@torontophotographyseminar.org