Elspeth Brown,

Historian: markets, visual culture, gender, sexuality

Graduate Resources

Many graduate students, or undergraduates thinking about graduate school, would benefit from having the various forms/lists/how-to guides in one place. I’m using the ‘resources’ tab here to showcase materials of use to graduate students, including not only forms from the History dept but also useful short pieces on how to present your first conference paper; what book editors are looking for (something to think about when writing your dissertation); and some snapshots on the academic job market, etc.

Forms from the History Department

The PhD annual committee meeting form is generated for PhD students by their respective graduate department. 

Short Pieces about the Profession

Grad School Basics

  • Cynthia Verba, Scholarly Pursuits: A Guide to Professional Development During the Graduate Years (Harvard, 8th edition)

Comprehensive Fields Lists

Grant Applications

Sample Conference Paper Proposals

Sample Job Letters

Sample Curriculum Vitae